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Breeze House Oval Cape in a garden

Comparison Guide: Conservatory vs. Gazebo

Overview Remodelling your garden and adding a structure like a gazebo or conservatory is a big investment. The structure that you choose can depend on your preference, space available, budget, and plans of use. But it’s important to know the difference between different structures and what they can offer. The main difference between a conservatory and a gazebo is that

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Adam Robinson's garden featuring a Breeze House, transformed by ITV’s “Love Your Garden"

Aluminium vs Wood Gazebo – What’s better for your Garden?

A gazebo is a great addition to any garden, providing both pleasure and functionality. But choosing the right one is a big decision. Both wooden and aluminium gazebos are popular choices, but they are very different products; wooden gazebos are open sided buildings with a full frame structure whereas aluminium gazebos are often simplistic structures with canvas roofs and curtain

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Where’s the best place for my luxury wooden gazebo?

The options for garden improvement are endless, from full landscaping to introducing bespoke seating areas, firepits, or even garden kitchens; and in recent years garden gazebos are becoming increasingly popular. Gazebos provide a beautiful outdoor structure with additional functionality and living space for your family. If you’ve already made the exciting decision to add a gazebo to your garden, then

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What’s the difference between a Gazebo and a Pergola?

Gazebos and pergolas are both outdoor structures that offer visual interest, privacy, shelter, and shade in your garden; but the amount of protection that they offer is their biggest difference. With a multitude of design options available, from traditional to modern, they all come with unique benefits, and in this article we’ll help you to understand their differences and decide

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Side view of glazed breeze house bespoke building

Best Types of Wood for Gazebo Construction

Before you start building your dream gazebo, it’s important to think about the best wood options for constructing a gazebo. The type of wood you choose not only impacts how your gazebo looks but also influences its longevity, maintenance needs, ability to withstand weather conditions and the cost involved. This guide will delve into the wood choices available for building

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Breeze House Amanzi in garden surrounded by grass

Gazebo Foundation Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Creating your outdoor haven involves more than just placing a gazebo; it’s about establishing a sanctuary that withstands the elements while radiating charm. But, to ensure longevity and safety, a robust foundation is non-negotiable. A well-built foundation is essential in maintaining the gazebo’s level position from day one, and to keep it in top notch condition. A gazebo requires a

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Safari Breeze House in a walled garden

What Is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a decorative, freestanding structure with a roof and open sides. They are most often found gracing gardens and outdoor spaces. Their design blends style with practicality, offering shade, shelter, and expansive views of the surrounding landscape. Gazebos serve as an inviting retreat for various purposes, including relaxation, entertainment, and as a focal point for outdoor gatherings. Garden

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