Where’s the best place for my luxury wooden gazebo?

The options for garden improvement are endless, from full landscaping to introducing bespoke seating areas, firepits, or even garden kitchens; and in recent years garden gazebos are becoming increasingly popular. Gazebos provide a beautiful outdoor structure with additional functionality and living space for your family. If you’ve already made the exciting decision to add a gazebo to your garden, then the next big decision is where’s the best place to put it? There are a lot of factors to consider from what you plan to use it for and how will the weather affect where it is placed, to how far you’re willing to walk from the house to get to it – it might seem trivial but with an investment as big as this, it’s important to get it right.

At Breeze House we have three decades of experience of crafting luxury garden gazebos that bring you closer to nature. As the pioneers of the UK’s first luxury thatched garden gazebo, our mission has always been to ensure that the unpredictable British weather does not hinder the revitalising power of being outdoors on health and happiness. Fashioned from the finest sustainable materials and fortified with weather-defying accessories, every Breeze House invites you to embrace the elements and discover luxury in nature.

We have experience in constructing gazebos in even the most unexpected places; nestled into corners and surrounded by greenery, elegantly placed on patios or in sky gardens, on raised platforms to give a real tree house feel, and even on riversides or island locations.

Your garden

Firstly, think about your garden layout and size; this will have a big impact on what size gazebo is right and often where the most appropriate place to site it is too. Survey your garden and evaluate the ground level, foundation, and possible obstructions. Depending on your planned use a raised area could provide a better view but equally a dipped area could provide the privacy that you desire.

How you currently use your garden and the habits that you have will most likely change after you have your gazebo installed; you may find yourself doing either more or less gardening, you may need an additional area for children to play, or your existing dining area may become redundant once you have your gazebo installed. You should look at your garden as a whole.

It’s also important to consider the planting in or around your garden. The placement of the gazebo may create a shaded area so keep in mind the light levels needed for nearby flower beds or how close you position your gazebo to your home.

Where does the sun shine throughout the day?

An advantage of having a gazebo is that you’ll always have access to shade in your garden, however the placement will determine the amount of shade that you’ll actually get. You should consider the amount of sunlight that you want your gazebo to receive – depending on the season – with the direction that your garden faces and the time of day that you envision being in there, sunlight can be crucial.

At Breeze House we have multiple solutions to control the amount of sunlight into your gazebo; from full canvas panels or wooden infill sections that completely block the sun, and full clear panels or glass infill sections that help you to make the most of the sun, or half panels and additional blinds that provide the best of both worlds.

What direction does the wind blow?

To ensure a structurally sound gazebo, the UK’s adverse weather conditions are an important factor to consider. Shielding your gazebo from strong winds will create a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor space.

How will you use your gazebo?

What you plan to use your gazebo for will also have a big impact on its placement, if you plan to use your gazebo for entertaining then you may want it closer to the house with easy and quick access to food and drinks, but if you plan to use your gazebo as a relaxation hideaway then a more secluded area of your garden with more privacy may be the perfect spot.

It’s also important to consider when you’ll be using your gazebo, if you plan to use it all year then you should consider how easily or difficult it could become to access with unpredictable weather conditions and with that if you’ll be adding or removing furnishings through the colder months.

Is the ground level?

It’s important to have your gazebo installed on level and hard ground to ensure its stability and longevity. You should have a strong foundation laid specifically for your gazebo to be placed, this can vary in material to compliment both the gazebo and the rest of your garden. To safeguard your investment and ensure a sturdy base, we’d recommend having a landscaping expert come and take a look at the spot you’re considering to make sure that the ground isn’t too soft.

How much privacy do you want?

One of the many reasons that people add a gazebo to their garden is to create an outdoor space where they can still embrace and enjoy the elements, but maintain privacy, after all it’s important to feel comfortable in your own home. When placing your gazebo, you should consider the external angles that neighbours or passers-by may have.

Do you need access to electricity or water?

With bespoke gazebos growing in popularity to create an extension of the home, it’s important to consider what, if any, household utilities you may need. If you plan to use your gazebo for entertaining, you may need electricity and water. You can choose to site the gazebo in close proximity to your home for easy access, or if budget allows it is entirely possible to have water supply and electrical lines connected to you gazebo – you should consider where the plumbing and wiring can be dug in without disruption your whole garden, and the cost of this too when deciding on a location for your gazebo.

Picked your spot? We’ll install your wooden gazebo in one day!

If you’re having trouble deciding on the best place for your gazebo, we can help. With 30 years of experience and the industry leader for gazebo construction in the UK, at Breeze House we take pride in our extensive experience in installing gazebos, backed by a team of in-house trained installers.

If you need assistance and advice, our customer service team is readily available to provide guidance and support. Please don’t hesitate in reaching out for expert advice tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

With a one-day build, you’ll have your dream gazebo quicker than you thought possible, built to your exact specifications, making your gazebo unique to your garden and lifestyle.

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