Comparison Guide: Conservatory vs. Gazebo


Remodelling your garden and adding a structure like a gazebo or conservatory is a big investment. The structure that you choose can depend on your preference, space available, budget, and plans of use. But it’s important to know the difference between different structures and what they can offer.

The main difference between a conservatory and a gazebo is that a conservatory is attached to your house, and a gazebo is a stand-alone building in your garden.



Historically, conservatories were what we know today as greenhouses, but they were attached to the house to provide easy access. In recent years they have been adapted to include climate control and are now more commonly used as an additional living space. 

A significant benefit of a conservatory is that you don’t have to go outside to get to it – which for a lot of people will be a benefit in the winter months. However, the disadvantage is that with their large windows and purpose of trapping heat, they can very easily become either too hot in the summer months and almost arctic in the winter months; and the accessories to combat both things come with extra expense including utility costs.

A conservatory is limited in where and how it is positioned, based on if your property is detached, semi-detached or terraced. The space that you have available inside is also a contributing factor as it requires creating an additional doorway, in which case supporting walls and beams need to be considered to ensure the structural integrity of your home. Creating an additional doorway can often impact the room that the doorway is placed in, as the primary use for that room may become redundant or even more of a walkway to the new conservatory space. There are of course ways around this, but generally require a higher budget.


A gazebo is a decorative, freestanding structure with a roof and open sides. Their design blends style with practicality, offering shade, shelter, and expansive 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape – which can’t be replicated in a conservatory.

A gazebo can be placed in almost any location so that you can make the most of your garden and the weather conditions. At Breeze House we have three decades of experience of crafting luxury garden gazebos that bring you closer to nature. Our mission has always been to ensure that the unpredictable British weather does not hinder the revitalising power of being outdoors on health and happiness.

We have experience in constructing gazebos in even the most unexpected places; nestled into corners and surrounded by greenery, elegantly placed on patios or in sky gardens, on raised platforms to give a real tree house feel, and even on riversides or island locations.

Another benefit of a gazebo is that it creates an additional and completely separate space to your home, so you can let your imagination go wild in what you plan to use it for. Whether it’s a nature sanctuary to escape from day-to-day life, a hosting area for game nights and parties, or a creative space for you to work.



While conservatories can have various design elements, they typically feature glass walls, uPVC frames and a roof – creating a sun-lit space perfect for socialising and relaxation.


The design of gazebos may vary but there are distinctive elements – a raised platform or foundation for the best vantage point, open sides to embrace the beauty of nature and a roof, supported by pillars, columns or even trees, to crown the structure.

Traditionally crafted from materials such as wood, stone, or iron, gazebos have stood the test of time. Wooden gazebos remain popular to this day because of their natural, warm aesthetics, seamlessly harmonising with the garden setting.

Planning Permission

In the UK an outdoor structure or building cannot be higher than 2.5 metres (8ft 2”) if it is within 2 metres of your boundary; if it is further than 2 metres from your boundary wall it can be up to 4 metres (13ft) high. If you live in a Listed Building, a conservation area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the rules may be different so check with your local authority.


You can build a conservatory without planning permission if: it is a maximum height of 4 meters high (or 3 meters high if within 2m of a boundary), the conservatory does not cover more than half the garden, the roof ridge or top point is not higher than the eaves of a property’s roof.


As long as you stick to the above regulations there is also no need for planning permission to build a gazebo.

The stunning the stunning OasisMaraSavannah and Oval Savannah Breeze Houses within our collection are all under 2.5 metres in height, which would be the perfect addition to a space which doesn’t have planning permission; if you’re lucky enough to have obtained planning permission, you can choose from many other buildings in our collection, as they vary in height up to 3.8 metres.

Privacy and Security

When making a big investment into your home it’s important to consider any privacy and security measures that you should take to protect your home.


Unfortunately, conservatories can be seen as a weak point in homes by burglars who consider them an easy route into the rest of the house with easy visibility. Most conservatory installers will recommend a higher budget to ensure there is capacity for blinds and other accessories to heighten security.


One of the many reasons that people add a gazebo to their garden is to create an outdoor space where they can still embrace and enjoy the elements, but maintain privacy, after all it’s important to feel comfortable in your own home. When placing your gazebo, you should consider the external angles that neighbours or passers-by may have.

Discover how a Breeze House can help you to make your garden more private.

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