It's time to focus on what truly matters in life

Good health and celebrating good times with loved ones are essential luxuries.

Breeze House was founded with the purpose of crafting quality garden gazebos where memories can be made, surrounded by nature, while in absolute luxury.

Some 27 years on, getting closer to nature, unplugging from devices and reconnecting with each other could not be more relevant.

Recent world events have redefined the concept of luxury. The new luxe is about time, space and experiences.

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Sharing moments

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Time in nature

A Breeze House transforms your garden into a destination. Be empowered to spend time in nature and make luxury part of your everyday life.

A space to rediscover what is important to you. A retreat in nature to feed your soul and find clarity in comfort. A place to cherish moments with friends and family now and into the future.

Made in Britain, from sustainably sourced materials, a Breeze House is your retreat from the world where you can experience the extraordinary outdoors without compromising on comfort.

From the excellent service and unique customer experience, to your story unfolding as an owner, Breeze House exists to engage, delight and serve.

For a natural high
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