We're partnering with Treedom to plant a Breeze House forest

We're partnering with Treedom to plant a

Breeze House


As part of the Breeze House environmental policy, we have partnered with Treedom, who are supporting us in creating the first Global Breeze House Forest.

The Breeze House Forest

Breeze House will plant a tree for every customer, creating a forest of cacao and coffee trees in Ecuador.

You can view your tree in our online virtual forest where you’ll be able to watch its growth in real time and keep up to date with how it’s benefitting the local environment and economy.

Your purchase will help to train farmers and support young coffee and cacao trees until they bear fruit. Once the trees are productive, the fruits belong to the community, enabling farmers and their families to diversify their income and supplement their diet.

Treedom are a B corporation, who are part of a network of companies who stand out for high environmental and social performance. They directly finance small agroforestry projects which aim to realise sustainable ecosystems for thousands of local farmers, helping them to achieve food autonomy and income opportunities over time.

For every tree we plant with Treedom, we are contributing to the protection of biodiversity, reforestation and global CO2 absorption.

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