Aluminium vs Wood Gazebo – What’s better for your Garden?

A gazebo is a great addition to any garden, providing both pleasure and functionality. But choosing the right one is a big decision. Both wooden and aluminium gazebos are popular choices, but they are very different products; wooden gazebos are open sided buildings with a full frame structure whereas aluminium gazebos are often simplistic structures with canvas roofs and curtain sides.

Breeze House introduced the first luxury thatched garden gazebos to the UK market in 1994, and the legacy continues with the team based at the Staffordshire Moorlands head office and workshops meticulously crafting and installing luxury thatched and cedar-roofed wooden garden gazebos. These gazebos offer a connection with nature without compromising comfort. While many have attempted to emulate, Breeze House remains the original and unrivalled creator of luxury wooden garden gazebos.


The most significant difference between wooden and aluminium gazebos is their appearance. Wooden gazebos are known for their warm and natural aesthetic, and aluminium gazebos are often used to create a more industrial and modern feel.


Aluminium gazebos give a very sleek and contemporary feel, perfect for modern gardens. The primary intention of an aluminium gazebo is to create an elegant and decorative framework around an existing patio or seating area.

Backyard Cabana and Deck Garden


If you’re looking for a more traditional gazebo, wooden gazebos provide a natural elegance, unmatched by aluminium structures. Wooden gazebos seamlessly blend into gardens, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Wood is a versatile material that can be shaped and crafted into specific designs, allowing for customisation, and it also provides a comfortable and cosy environment.

The exquisite collection of Breeze House garden gazebos are crafted exclusively from the highest quality materials selected from sustainable sources.

Breeze House Savannah


When it comes to customisation the material that you choose is a key factor. Wood is a much more versatile material that can easily be cut, carved, and shaped to fit your exact needs and style. Aluminium gazebos, on the other hand, can be very limiting to only a few standard designs and not easily adaptable. 


As a very basic structure, the customisation options with aluminium gazebo can be very limited, aside from the size and colour.


Wooden pergolas come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be adorned with various decorative elements and accessories, providing a much more bespoke feel.

A bespoke gazebo offers endless possibilities. Exploring shape, height, and interior allows the flexibility to create anything from an indoor-outdoor space for a garden bar, swim spa or outdoor kitchen to a gazebo with multiple uses designed to your exacting specifications.

Breeze House’s bespoke design service gives you the opportunity to have a Breeze House custom built to a size and specification of your choice, meeting your practical needs and personal tastes.


As with all garden items, gazebos do require a level of maintenance to keep them looking their best.


Aluminium gazebos require regular cleaning and as they age can occasionally require bolts and other fixings to be tightened – as these can move in high winds.


Wooden gazebos don’t need much upkeep to keep them looking their best. Regular cleaning and applying a protective finish can bring out the wood’s beauty and make it last longer.

The highest grade, sustainable Redwood is our choice for handcrafting Breeze Houses. Since Redwood naturally resists decay and bugs, you won’t have to work too hard to maintain it. With a little care and maintenance this type of timber can last for more than 30 years.

Using these specially selected timbers, highly regarded for their long-lasting properties, we’re able to provide buildings which retain symmetry, style, and an overall impressive aesthetic with the added benefit of the timber ageing beautifully.

You can read more about selecting the best wood here.


When making an investment as big as this one, it’s important to know what you’re getting for your money, which is where you should consider the durability of the product.


Most aluminium gazebos are resistant to rust and corrosion, allowing them to easily withstand harsh weather conditions, however as they are a fairly light structure they can be easily damaged by the wind. The lifespan of an aluminium gazebo can be up to 15 years.


A wooden gazebo is likely to last much longer than an aluminium one, based on their construction and strength. Selecting a high quality timber can ensure a natural resistance to decay, rot, and insect damage. Because of this inherent durability, wooden gazebos can require little upkeep and can last longer than structures made from other materials – at Breeze House our luxury gazebos are guaranteed for 30 years.



Aluminium gazebos are less expensive than wooden gazebos, so if you’re looking for a quicker win this may be the right option for you. But the price that you pay does reflect the quality of the product that you buy and its potential life span. 


Wooden gazebos are more of a building than a structure, so the cost is reflective of the skill and materials needed for its creation. High-quality wood is also more of an investment. However, the premium cost of wood is reflected in its strength, reliability, attractiveness, eco friendliness and user friendliness. It’s an option for building gazebos that will elevate your outdoor living area for a long time.

Planning Permission

In the UK an outdoor structure or building cannot be higher than 2.5 metres (8ft 2”) if it is within 2 metres of your boundary; if it is further than 2 metres from your boundary wall it can be up to 4 metres (13ft) high. If you live in a Listed Building, a conservation area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the rules may be different so check with your local authority.


As aluminium gazebos tend to be more of a structure than a building, they are less likely to require planning permission.


Although a lot of people assume that a wooden gazebo will need planning permission this is not the case – as long as you stick to the above regulations there is no need for planning permission.

At Breeze House, the stunning OasisMaraSavannah and Oval Savannah Breeze Houses within our collection are all under 2.5 metres in height, which would be the perfect addition to a space which doesn’t have planning permission; if you’re lucky enough to have obtained planning permission, you can choose from many other buildings in our collection, as they vary in height up to 3.8 metres.

Weight and installation


Aluminium gazebos are usually lightweight which makes them easy to transport and install.


Wooden gazebos usually entail more time in planning and installation than other structures. However, at Breeze House we guarantee a one-day build time, so you’ll have your dream gazebo quicker than you thought possible.

Don’t make your decision from behind a computer screen!

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