Get your garden ready for Spring

Well, Winter has certainly lasted a whole lot longer than we anticipated, it feels! Whilst the weather may not quite feel like we’re on the brink of a beautiful new season, Spring is certainly just around the corner. So now’s the time to get your garden ready for those warmer, lighter days.

In our opinion, there’s nothing more uplifting than seeing and feeling the days getting longer, the temperatures rising and, of course, our gardens starting to show signs of colour and life once more. And with Mother’s Day and Easter not far away, now’s the ideal time to give your garden a bit of TLC, so you can make the most of your time outdoors with loved ones. 

Spring cleaning your garden

After a morning of tidying up the garden, there’s no better reward than sitting back and admiring your efforts, with a cuppa of course. We’ve put together some tips to help you get your garden ready for Spring:

1.     Cut back ornamental grasses and other perennials left for winter interest to make way for new growth. Shrubs grown for their colourful winter stems should be cut back to their bases to promote new growth. Cut the old leaves off plants to make spring flowers more visible.

2.     As the weather gets warmer begin weeding – it’s easier to control weeds if you remove them while they’re still young.

3.     If your lawn needs mowing choose a dry day and set your blades higher than usual.

4.     To prepare for the growing season ahead dig compost, well-rotted manure or green waste into your vegetable beds.

5.     If you have planters, pots or hanging baskets displayed around your garden, now is the time to plant them up! Dig out the tired old plants and fill with fresh new flowers which will soon bloom in the summer months – giving the perfect floral frame to a outdoor gazebo or garden building.

6.     Jet wash paths and patios and give your garden furniture a wipe down to get rid of any algae that’s built up over the winter. Breeze House owners – don’t forget to download our Guide to Caring for your Breeze House too! 

So hop to it! Grab your gloves and secateurs and head out into the spring sunshine for a natural high. 

Springtime occasions

Now that your garden is pruned and pretty, why not start making plans for a laid back al-fresco Mother’s Day lunch, or spending some quality time with family and friends this Easter?

A Breeze House can provide the perfect outdoor setting for both occasions. 

It’s all rather traditional to have a delicious roast dinner for Mother’s Day – perhaps you’ll enjoy a gorgeous roast with all the trimmings? But how about mixing it up and eating your delicious dinner outside? We often think of al fresco dining as picnics and barbecues, but there’s no reason why you can’t plate up and sit back in your Breeze House for your Mother’s Day roast. After all, lunch with a view and fresh air in your lungs is so much nicer.

And who doesn’t love a good Easter egg hunt? The garden is the perfect place to hide chocolate eggs for the kids to find (or adults, if you want to join in the fun too). Be sure to hide some in and around your Breeze House, or make it your Easter bunny HQ to count up and crown the winners!

How to attract birds to your garden

You may have taken part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2023 and are eagerly awaiting the results, just like one of our Breeze House owners who cleverly used their Breeze House as a hideout to capture some amazing shots!

If you missed out on the Big Garden Bird Watch this time, all is not lost. You’ll probably have noticed your mornings are filled with a dawn chorus of robins, blackbirds, wrens and blue tits, but how about attracting a larger variety of birds to your garden?  

Birds are wonderful visitors to have – they’re relaxing to watch, can help rid your lawn of weeds, are brilliant at eating pesky pests and can also help with flower pollination. 

Setting up some feeders and providing fresh water is the best way to encourage birds to visit, and as you keep these topped up the birds are more likely to return. 

Also, providing somewhere safe and secure to nest with a few boxes dotted around your garden will provide you with hours of twitching pleasure. Tying bunches of tiny twigs, dried moss, and other stringy vegetable matter near your feeders will encourage nesting in your garden. 

So, now your garden is set for spring and full of birdsong – let’s hope the warmer weather is on its way!

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