Embrace the Summer Solstice with a Luxury Garden Gazebo

At Breeze House, we believe in creating exquisite outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with nature while providing everyday luxury and comfort. We’re excited to share these enchanting summer rituals to make the most of nature in the luxury of a garden gazebo at this special time of year.

The Summer’s Solstice falls on the 21 June in the Northern Hemisphere and is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight. Midsummer follows hot on its heels on 24th June and marks a magical, mystical time to celebrate and connect with nature. 

Watch the Solstice sun rise and set 

Summer sun over Breeze House

Witnessing the majestic sunrise and sunset on the longest day of the year is a profound experience. Wake up early to greet the rising sun, sipping coffee or practicing yoga sun salutations as you connect with the life-giving power of the sun. In the evening, wrap yourself in a cosy blanket, sit in nature bathed in the light of the golden hour as the day comes to a close. 

Gather herbs 

Woman holding twigs and leaves with sunlight shining through her long hair

Embrace the ancient traditions associated with the summer solstice by gathering sacred herbs like St. John’s Wort, Verbena, Yarrow, Fern, and Mugwort. These herbs have long been revered for their magical and healing properties. Create sweet-smelling incense or charming protective amulets using these herbs. Alternatively, carry a bag of these herbs as a fragrant good-luck charm. Let the scents of nature envelop you as you relax in your luxury garden gazebo.

Create an altar of light 

sarah brown cVt0u781VGo unsplash

Tap into your creative side by setting up an altar of light to pay homage to Mother Earth. Adorn it with summer flowers like sunflowers, lavender, mint, rosemary, and basil. Choose fabrics in vibrant colours like orange, pink, and yellow, and hang ribbons in the same hues. Illuminate your altar with candles to symbolise the brightness of the solstice. Incorporate crystals associated with the sun, such as Citrine, Garnet, and Carnelian. These semi-precious stones absorb light energy from the sun when placed outside on a sunny day.

Set your intentions

prophsee journals bX N 0sz8gg unsplash

The Summer Solstice is a time of growth and light so a perfect time to set clear and positive intentions. Put pen to paper and write down your goals, plans and aspirations in a journal or on small slips of paper. Be as detailed and heartfelt as possible, expressing your intentions with clarity and conviction. Return to your luxury garden gazebo throughout the year to revisit and reaffirm your intentions. Use this space as a sanctuary for reflection, meditation, and visualizing the realisation of your desires. Allow the energy of the summer solstice to infuse your intentions with vibrant energy.

Light a bonfire

simon berger FNEMRTAgKJ4 unsplash

A bonfire is a classic ritual for the summer solstice, symbolising the celebration of the longest day of the year. Gather your loved ones and host a bonfire party from your luxury garden gazebo. Enhance the magic by burning sacred wood and herbs, infusing the air with their mystical energy. Allow the fire to burn naturally and collect the ashes for use in future rituals or as a natural fertiliser for your garden.

Nature’s wonders to see in June


Midsummer is a simple yet powerful reminder to appreciate nature. We rely on it for our very existence. There’s a direct link between people and plants, with every breath we take. Taking time to enjoy the flowers and connect with nature is something we should all do more often:

  • Fragrant blooms: Stop to smell the roses…The perfume from lavender, poppies, daisies, foxgloves (we could go on…) is a true delight. The moment a flower reaches its seasonal peak is what the Japanese call shun.
  • Birdsong Symphony: Take a moment to tune in to one of the happiest sounds of summer as birdsong fills the air in June. 
  • Butterflies and Bees: As the weather warms up, butterflies and bees become more active. Spotting mini beasts fluttering among the flowers and the bees diligently pollinating is a beautiful sight that highlights the importance of these pollinators.
  • Sunsets and Twilight: The long summer evenings in June provide ample opportunities to enjoy breath-taking sunsets and the magical twilight hour. 
  • Fresh Produce: If you have a vegetable or herb garden, June is a time of abundance. Harvest fresh strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, and herbs like basil and mint. Enjoy the flavours of homegrown produce straight from your garden to your plate.
  • Evening Fireflies: Although not as common in the UK as in some other regions, some species of fireflies or glow worms can be found in certain areas. Keep an eye out for their soft, flickering lights on warm summer nights, adding a touch of enchantment to your garden.
  • Wildlife Encounters: June is a fantastic time to observe newly fledged birds on their maiden flights or toddling toadlets exploring the big wide world of your back garden.

For more ways to connect with nature and go wild for wellbeing this June see 30 Days Wild – an initiative by Avon Wildlife Trusts and the Greener NHS programme at NHS England. 

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