Oasis Breeze House

From £5,943

  • Overall Height:

    245 cm (8' ft)

  • Internal Height:

    225 cm (7'4" ft)

  • Outside Post Diameter

    194 cm (6'4" ft)

  • Internal Diameter

    174 cm (5'7" ft)

  • Roof Diameter

    254 cm (8'3" ft)

  • Entrance Width

    117 cm (3'8" ft)

  • Entrance Height

    174 cm (5'7" ft)

  • Floor Height

    13 cm

  • Base Diameter

    198 cm (6'5" ft)

Protect your Oasis from the elements

Cape Reed Thatch

Cape Reed Thatch

A natural solid reed that will age and colour over time.
Combination Thatch

Combination Thatch

A natural reed with a top layer of imitation thatch.
Cedar Shingle

Cedar Shingle

A fully treated, handcrafted cedar shingle roof with a laminated timber lining.
Slate Tile Effect Roof

Slate Tile Effect Roof

A lightweight slate effect tile with an authentic appearance.

teknos hi lite finish

TeknosTM Hi-Lite Paint Finish

Coats of superior commercial paint and primer give a flexible, durable and microporous protective film. This product leaves a wipe clean finish that is resistant to bacterial mould and UV attack.
Solid Canvas Panel

Solid Canvas Panel

Half Clear Canvas Panel

Half Clear Canvas Panel

Full Clear Canvas Panel

Full Clear Canvas Panel

Circular Entrance Panel with Zip

Entrance Panel with Zip

Canvas Panel options for your Oasis

Our high-grade canvas panels and roof liners are a great addition to any Breeze House. Combined with a heater, they ensure warmth and shelter all year round.

As well as full canvas panels, we also have half clear panels, and full clear panels to choose from. These allow you to enjoy views of your garden whilst staying warm and cosy, protected from the elements.

Zip panels are now available to create an easier entrance into you Breeze House.

Create a more enclosed, protected environment inside your Breeze House

Our infill sections create a more enclosed, protected environment in your luxury gazebo whilst allowing you to enjoy views of your garden.

Available as both curved and straight, you can choose to have solid timber, half glazed, full glazed, or full glazed door sections which will turn your garden building into a garden room.

Breeze House Cabinets

Designed specifically for our oval buildings, our cabinets are not only a great way of adding a storage solution to your oval building, but can also be designed to house a wine cooler. We can also provide bespoke cabinets suited to your lifestyle and individual requirements.

Breeze House Cushions

Handmade cushions are available for all of our chairs, benches and sofas. Luxury cushions are available in waterproof fabrics that have a high-density foam filling for maximum comfort  and durability. With a variety of colours to choose from, there will be something to suit your style.

Accessories for your Breeze House

Choose the perfect interior furniture

Whether you want an outdoor dining room, a place to lounge or space to entertain, we have a furniture solution.

Add colour with soft furnishings

Handmade, luxury scatters cushions are available in a selection of fabrics.

Glass Tops

A glass top adds the perfect finishing touch to your Breeze House dining table, and provides a wipe-clean surface which protects the timber, increasing its lifespan

Infra-red Heaters

Heaters are available to suit the size of your luxury gazebo. Both models are adjustable and manufactured from stainless steel. They will be sure to keep you warm over the colder months.

Raised Buildings

All Breeze Houses, circular and oval, can be raised by one step or two generous steps, to allow access and take advantage of the surrounding views and vistas.

Bespoke Items

Please let us know if you don’t see what you’re looking for. We are also able to create bespoke items for your Breeze House – the possibilities are endless!

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We're partnering with Treedom to plant a Breeze House forest

We've pledged to plant a tree with every installation, creating a forest of cacao and coffee trees in Ecuador.​