The Perfect Autumn Evening

When the sun drops and the air becomes crisp and cool this Autumn, you may feel like snuggling on the sofa of an evening with a warm drink and a blanket. But just imagine this for a minute…

It’s a perfect Autumn evening – still, and not a cloud in the sky. You look up and gaze in awe at the jet-black sky, sprinkled with glistening stars, and just take a moment to – pause – embrace the changing of the seasons, connect with nature and the universe around you.

A time to head outdoors and experience the wonders of nature

Autumn is the most fantastic time for stargazing but searching for meteors (or shooting stars, as they’re more commonly known) can take time. So put on those thick socks, loop that scarf around you, make a delicious hot chocolate and head outdoors to experience the wonders of nature with your loved ones in your luxurious Breeze House – your canopy under the stars. 

Safari Breeze House in a walled garden

Observing the stars

Most constellations and meteor showers can be seen with the naked eye, just let your eyes adjust to the dark to observe these spectacular night-time shows. 

The Orionid meteor shower will take place on the evening of the 21 October and morning of 22 October. To locate the shower, look for the Orion constellation, or the Hunter as it rises in the east after 10pm. The Night Sky app will be useful to help you find what you’re looking for!

On 25 October, the UK will see a partial solar eclipse where the moon will sneak across the sun at 10am, so get your eclipse glasses ready for this one. The sun will be covered by around 15% and then will completely vanish at around 11.45am.

On 9 November, Uranus will be at opposition – the time when a planet is the exact opposite position in the sky to the sun. This means the planet will appear at its largest and brightest in the sky.

The Halloween Fireballs or Taurid meteor shower is visible between 12-13 November in the Southern Hemisphere and is caused by the Earth ploughing through debris left behind by Comet Encke.

And finally, the Leonid meteor shower will be at its maximum on the evening of 17 November and morning of 18 November. If you trace the path that the meteors take they originate from the point of the constellation Leo – hence their name. 

Luxury in nature

There’s something rather magical and mysterious about enjoying the outdoors once the sun has gone down and the moon and stars appear. The garden transforms into a whole new world full of nocturnal creatures, and the colours reflect the moonlight in such a different way than during the daytime. It really would be a shame not to get out there observing nature at its best in the luxury of your Breeze House.

Cherish the moment, observe these spectacles in the sky and make amazing memories in the extraordinary outdoors.

Safari Breeze House
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