Standard features

The Cape, launched in January 2009, has been designed to offer generous accommodation levels in a less formal and more contemporary style.

The Cape sits between the Colonial and Empire Breeze Houses in terms of size, comfortably seating 8+.  It includes Breeze House Rattan furniture, featuring a 1.8m diameter glass topped table, a glass lazy susan and eight luxury armchairs. Pictured here is the limited edition Cape which has been raised 55cm and features black side panels, yellow seat cushions and a cedar shingle roof. The Cape will grace any garden with its superb build quality and stylish furniture.

Building only: £16,470

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Height specification

Overall height380cm (12'5")
Outside post diameter420cm (13'9")
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Options Available

  • Roof upgrades 
  • Canvas panel covers 
  • Infra-red heaters 
  • Circular dining table and a range of chairs
  • Curved bench seating and cushions
  • Lazy susan
  • Raised building