Why we believe you deserve the best

Why you deserve the best


The Breeze House garden building collection is nothing short of luxurious. From the creativity of the design, to the high specification finishing touches, your Breeze House looks stunning from the day it is installed and for many years after. It’s that high level of luxury which we truly pride ourselves on.

Founded in 1996, our original building The Colonial was the first on the market of its shape and style. Since then, we have continued to innovate and improve our practice – each of our luxury buildings are still hand crafted and use high quality, sustainable materials.

While there will always be the option of a bargain copycat garden building, nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you have the true original. The satisfaction of knowing time-honoured traditional carpentry has built yours from scratch, knowing you own a building of distinction and knowing you have a 30-year timber guarantee.

Our Breeze Houses certainly aren’t the most expensive luxury buildings on the market, but we truly believe they are the best quality. We actively encourage people to come to our show site and see the excellence of our craft first hand. At our Staffordshire workshop in Leek, we have a comprehensive team of expert crafts men and women, who are all traditionally trained to create our exquisite range of Breeze Houses and accessories.

If you are considering the option of owning your own beautiful Breeze House, we are here to help. We gain immense satisfaction from assisting customers find their perfect garden building. We understand that when investing your hard-earned money, you want to make sure everything is suited to you and your family. From discussing our different finance options, to Breeze House sizes, down to the colour of your seat cushions, we can offer advice and guidance. You deserve the finest, and we are here to make sure that happens.

Choose to adorn your garden with the real deal. Stunning, comfortable and superior quality – at a price you can raise a glass to.

At Breeze House we believe you deserve the best. Come and stroll around the best garden building collection the UK has to offer at our show site in Leek today. Our team are ready and waiting to guide you through the Breeze House journey, allowing you to discover the VIP lifestyle at home.