Valentine’s date night

Valentine’s date night

Valentine’s date night


Not sure what to do with your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Well, there’s no need to splash out at the restaurants bustling with other couples; why not make a special date night right at home with your Breeze House?

It may be chilly outside but, as you know, at Breeze House we don’t let the weather stop our fun! And you shouldn’t either. So snuggle up, chill out and settle down to a nice romantic evening together…

Go on a taste adventure:
Just because you’re staying in your own back garden, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to a simple menu. Travel the world with your taste buds and whip up some delicious tapas dishes to try, slow cook a spicy curry or get messy and load up some burritos! Wherever your favourite food comes from, create your own dishes and enjoy them in the great outdoors. And don’t forget to decorate your Breeze House to match the theme of your destination.

Keep warm:
Who says we have to be confined to the house all winter long? Not us! Grab your scarves, your snuggly throws and the patio heaters – you’ll be surprised how comfortable you can be for a long, lazy evening together outside.

Turn up the soundtrack:
Remember the days of making a mixtape for the one you love? Well tapes may not be en vogue right now (does anyone still have a cassette player?!) but it’s easy to stream your favourite tunes on your phone. So set up a playlist of songs from your time together and get reminiscing. Music is an amazing key to unlock your favourite memories and take you back to that time and place.

Keep it fun:
There’s no need to just sit back and do nothing all night (although feel free if that is what you want to do)! Get out the board games, play charades and add a bit of fun and laughter into the evening. And of course, with a bottle of red or bubbles to accompany you, it can make it a whole lot of fun!

So if going out to celebrate Valentine’s Day isn’t your style, there’s no reason why you can’t make it a special evening right at home in your Breeze House. After all, your Breeze House is there to be enjoyed, all year round, for all occasions!

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