The Tips and Tricks of Dining Al Fresco

As it always does in early spring, the weather has been teasing us with hints of what’s to come and we can’t help but get excited about the prospect of some Al Fresco dining…

When the sun does finally decide to make a real show of it, in typical British fashion we’ll have the desire to take all things outside – chill time, exercise and, of course, eating. Although our Breeze Houses are perfect at any time of year, spring is when the excitement for al fresco living really starts to kick back in. 

It may have been a while since you last invited everyone out into the garden for a bite to eat, so we’re here to help get you back into gear and make sure all bases are covered.

Al fresco dining showing cutlery and crockery


Let’s get the essentials sorted.

You don’t want to run out of basic eating equipment for your al fresco feast, so make sure you have a set that is purely for outdoor use. Opt for premium materials such as mango wood, quality ceramics and metallics – you may be outside, but it still needs to feel luxurious – this is the dining version of glamping, not camping, remember.

Soft furnishings 

The bench cushions and throw pillows that are made by Breeze House are designed for all weathers, but you may want to add a few more one-off scatter cushions that you can switch in and out from inside your home.

In that case, it’s handy to choose a scheme that can be integrated into your indoor living space easily; this also helps give the feeling of extending your living space into the garden, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Don’t forget: you can never have too many throws! Once your al fresco meal has ended and the sun goes down, it’s almost guaranteed to get too chilly for some; when you’re finished, simply roll up your throws and store them in an on trend, woven sea grass basket.


Set the scene with low lighting and an array of candles.

Ditch the traditional candelabra and mix up styles and sizes to create a stylish, warm glow.

Remember the interior design Rule of Three here; grouping items in odd numbers tends to look more dynamic and natural to the eye. The same goes for groups of five and seven. Choose objects in in varying heights and textures, mixing in ornaments or mini potted plants with your candles to create an impressive centrepiece.

Accessorise in the garden with string lights twinkling around the perimeter and zig zagging their way back to the house.


Well that’s taken care of.

Alfresco dining is what Breeze Houses were made for!

Our circular range were quite literally created for friends and family to dine together, whilst our oval range came along years later, incorporating a luxurious lounge area to extend the time you spend winding down alfresco.

Styling Inspiration

To keep up to date with trends and styles of the season, check out our Pinterest inspiration boards, where we gather style inspiration to refresh the look of your luxury gazebo every month.

For even more ideas on how best to style your alfresco retreat, head to your nearest showsite, where our Breeze Houses are styled like they’re ready to receive dinner guests!

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