The Safari garden building

The Safari


You’re probably reading this wondering if you’ll ever get to enjoy your beautiful garden again. Remember when we were all complaining about the heat? Now, as the heavy grey clouds loom menacingly over our homes, Breeze House are here to give you some bright ideas – the silver lining you’ve been waiting for!

Constructed here in the UK, our collection of luxury garden buildings are designed so you can enjoy the beauty of outdoors, regardless of the weather. Plus, with the gorgeous Safari Breeze House, you’ll have the perfect excuse to play host for all your friends’ get togethers in future.

The Safari is designed specifically with alfresco dining in mind. It accommodates a large 152cm table and five curved benches, utilising the interior space to maximum effect. Our natural materials ensure the building blends in beautifully with its outdoor surroundings and creates an unusual and impressive feature in any garden.

Think of the possibilities. Picture a lovely, lazy Sunday morning; you’re snuggled up in your fluffy robes with a steaming pot of coffee and delicious croissants on the table, with nothing to do with your day but read the papers and relax. Maybe you can picture yourself surrounded by friends; you’ve planned the event of the year and you have the whole evening to catch up over cocktails and nibbles, all cosy at the end of the garden. How about a fun evening meal with the kids decorating pizzas around the table, finishing off with sumptuous hot chocolates and storytelling, wrapped up in your fun world.

We’re not sure which sounds most appealing! However, with The Safari, you’ll have the perfect place for all three and more.

So, if you love the Safari design, be sure to ask our team about finance options, customisation and our package offers. Whatever you choose, you can be sure of the Breeze House 30 year guarantee and exclusive access to the Breeze House owners club.

Enjoy the outdoors and enjoy great food… all at the same time with your Safari Breeze House.