The Mara


At Breeze House, we are extremely excited to tell you all about the latest offering in our collection – The Mara. The perfect Breeze House, whatever size your garden is…

If you don’t have a huge amount of space available, you may have often thought a Breeze House, or any garden building is out of bounds and not really suitable for your garden. Garden buildings can often take up a lot of space, leaving little other room to enjoy your garden. What you need is something designed exactly with your quandary in mind, and which provides you with a stylish solution that works.

That’s why The Mara could be just the garden building you’ve been looking for!

It’s perfectly designed with space in mind, so is small enough to fit into almost any area of the garden. However it’s large enough to provide you with good accommodation and superb comfort – a seamless link between the best of both worlds; practicality and stylishness.

The unique table design in the Mara gives guests easy access to the building and added leg room, so nobody ends up uncomfortable and everybody has a perfect spot at the table. Put this together with the range of options and extras Breeze House offer and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, practical addition to your garden. Choose from our range of freestanding benches to sit back and relax on, luxury cushion upgrades to tailor the interior to your style, canvas panels for privacy and comfort, and various roof options for the stunning finishing touch.

So if you want to make 2018 the year you finally get the Breeze House of your dreams, don’t let the size of your outdoor space put you off – just ask our team about The Mara today and start on your Breeze House journey.

breeze house mara
breeze house mara