The Cape

The Cape


Every so often on the Breeze House blog, we like to shift focus away from our weekly musings about life and leisure to draw your attention towards one of the buildings in our collection. And this week, we are thoroughly enjoying taking a proper look into the Oval Cape Breeze House and appreciating just why this is one of the most popular buildings in the oval range.

There is so much to be said for spending time in the great outdoors. And, of course, so much more can be said about spending our down time with the ones we love, sharing great food, sipping great wine and laughing until our cheeks hurt and the sun’s gone down.

With the Oval Cape you’ll have the perfect place to do just that.

One of the focus points of this Breeze House is that your enjoyment never has to be seasonal. The protective canvas panels or infill sections available allow you to create a cosy retreat whatever the weather. So whether you go for a comfy garden retreat to read or catch up on your favourite box sets, or you want the ultimate party venue for the festive season, the Cape can offer you just that.

If super serious dining is your thing, then the Oval Capepresents a lifetime of al fresco enjoyment, and arguably gets better over time. However, it is also incredibly versatile! It’s a generous building that can incorporate comfortable circular sofa benches, a dining table and chairs, a sound system, television, hot tub, swim spa or even a kitchen. The number of people that the Cape can accommodate is dependent on layout, but rest assured, whether you have 50 guests to a garden party or a smaller family gathering, you can entertain and relax in ultimate comfort and luxury.

Ourlimited edition Oval Capehas the same stunning exterior but a brand-new interior, featuring a half-circle table and bench seat, allowing more space to dine.

So if you have a generous space available and want to get yourself the ultimate in garden living luxury, the Oval Cape Breeze House is seriously for you. Not only will it cement you as the perfect party host but give you a lifetime of leisure in your garden that will leave you wondering how you ever made the most of your down time before.