Gardening Tips for Spring

Gardening Tips for Spring


We’ve started the season with a chill in the air, but now is the time of year that things really start to ramp up in the garden. Check out some of our tried and tested top tips for pottering in the garden during Spring.

Your dreamy, thick lawn

Spring is the perfect time to give your lawn a makeover if it is looking a bit thin – simply rake the ground gently to loosen the soil, spike it with a fork, sprinkle in a general garden fertiliser followed by a handful of fresh grass seed (approx. 35g per sqm). Rake the seed in, keep it well watered and the new grass will quickly fill in the patches. This tried and tested method is a favourite amongst groundsmen. This is a great time of year to make sure your mower is in top health too – get it serviced and ensure its blades are sharpened before trimming the lawn.

Sustainability is key

Why not continue the good intentions you had at the beginning of the year, and set up a composting area for food and garden waste? Not only will you save on buying compost in the future, but you can have your very own colony of worms! Getting a water butt to collect rainfall in the garden is a great idea too – saves on watering costs and even your houseplants will benefit from the natural alternative to tap water.

Feed your daffs for better flowers

Daffodils look fabulous in Spring, but they can look even better the following year. Once they’ve bloomed, remove any dead flowers and feed the plants because the extra high levels of potassium will help build the bulbs for next year’s displays. Don’t remove the leaves for the first six weeks after flowering.

Spring clean your shrubs

Be ruthless – if you have old shrubs that lack vigour and have been limping along in the garden, bite the bullet and dig them up and you will have improved your garden instantly. Every plant has a sell by date and when you’ve replaced it with a healthy new plant you’ll wonder why you put up with the old one for so long. Along with this, make sure you’re cleaning the lawn and flowerbeds of any fallen leaves or debris and give the soil a freshen up. Valuable nutrients will have been washed away over the winter months, so be generous with compost or manure to add moisture and life back. A sprinkle of fertiliser wouldn’t go amiss either.

Enjoy the show

Spring is such a lovely time to be out of doors – enjoy the sights of the blossom and the heady scents in the air. Resolve to plant more spring-flowering bulbs in the autumn so there’s even more to enjoy next year!