Spend your time well – the Oval Cape

Spend your time well – the Oval Cape

Spend your time well – the Oval Cape


At Breeze House, we have done a little research recently to work out just how important our home time is and how we actually spend the time we have in life. Did you know that we can spend 26 years of our life sleeping, 11 years watching TV, 3 years doing the laundry and 4 years talking on the phone at work? Not to mention the 36 hours per year we spend stuck in traffic. When you take into account all these things, it’s hard to imagine where we find the time to actually sit back and enjoy life itself.

Which is why it is so important to spend our down-time well. And with your very own Breeze House, you can do just that.

The Oval Cape Breeze House, for instance, presents a lifetime of al fresco enjoyment, and arguably gets better over time. As the Breeze House ages, it pleasantly moulds into the surroundings it lives within. It is a gorgeous, versatile structure and comfortably incorporates a whole variety of possibilities.

You could use it to house your Hydropool hot tub or swim spa for instance – what a luxurious garden retreat that would be! Or just kick back on a comfortable circular sofa bench, with a quality sound system and TV with the ones you love. Maybe you’ll even house a gorgeous garden kitchen with dining table and chairs for the ultimate in garden entertainment – now that’s a dinner party location to make you the ultimate entertainer amongst friends!

The number of people you can accommodate in the Oval Cape depends on the layout and internal elements you go for, but whether you have 50 guests for a big summer party with friends or a cosy family get together, you can be guaranteed dreamy comfort and luxury with Breeze House.

The Oval Cape is an open structure, which means you get plenty of light and the chance to enjoy the gorgeous scenery around you during the summer. But with protective canvas covers, you can even use the building during our inevitable adverse UK weather! We often say goodbye to our gardens at the end of summer each year as it can be so difficult to enjoy them during the colder months, but this adaptable Breeze House gives a safe, comfortable cocoon for you to enjoy all year round.

And as we spend 11 years of our life working and 2 years in meetings, it’s safe to say we all deserve that little piece of luxury when we get home.

Not only that – we also spend around 93% of our life indoors! That’s a rather scary statistic indeed. There’s so much to be said for the good that breathing in the fresh air can do for us. Not to mention the boost of vitamin D that we all need more of in this country, according to the latest health research.

So, it’s not just us who believe a Breeze House would be a fabulous addition to your home – the stats are there to prove it.

It’s time to spend your time better, with a Breeze House.