September Tips for your Garden

“By all these lovely tokens

September days are here

With summer’s best of weather

And autumn’s best of cheer.” 

Helen Hunt Jackson, September

Hello September! How did that happen? As we all hold out for a last blast of warm, sunny days, our gardens prepare to change seasons once more…

Keep summer bedding flowering in hanging baskets and pots until the first frosts by deadheading and feeding regularly.

Continue to deadhead plants such as dahlias, delphiniums, roses and penstemons to prolong the display and give colour well into the month.

Prune climbing and rambling roses when the flowers fade.

Water autumn-flowering asters regularly to deter mildew.

Remove annual plants as they go over and add them to the compost heap.

Lift, divide and replant early-spring flowering perennials.

Plant new perennials, especially towards the end of September, as the soil is still warm, but moisture levels are increasing.

Sow hardy annuals in gaps in borders to give an early display next year.

Plant wallflowers, pansies, forget-me-nots and other spring bedding in pots and borders.

Plant up containers for autumn interest, using cyclamen, heathers, heucheras and other colourful bedding plants.

Fill any gaps with late-flowering perennials, such as sedums, to provide nectar for pollinating insects into autumn.

Start planting your spring bulbs – the ground will still be nice and warm from the summer months, and it gives plenty of time for the new roots to establish before spring arrives.

Pot up herbs, such as chives and parsley, and place on a sunny windowsill to use during winter.

Remove dead leaves from tomatoes and reduce watering to encourage ripening.

This is an ideal time of year to create new lawns from turf or seed.

This month is your last chance to use a lawn weedkillers to control perennial weeds such as daises and buttercups.

Net ponds towards the end of the month, to stop autumn leaves falling in and rotting.

Remove dead leaves from waterlilies as the foliage dies back. Now is also a good time to divide waterlilies and other pond plants to increase stocks or control over-vigorous growth.

Remove shading and clean greenhouse windows to maximise light levels.

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