October Tips for your Garden

Although we had some warmer days in September, the autumn is now here, and it feels colder. It’s a wonderful time of year, particularly when the trees change their colour…

Lawn maintenance

Aerate your lawn with a garden fork to avoid waterlogging and compaction over winter. You can also cut the grass for one last time this year. Make that last cut slightly higher to protect the lawn from winter frost damage.

October is also an ideal time for moving and planting trees, shrubs and climbers, as well as for hedge planting.


If the weather is dry, keep watering early flowering shrubs such as camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas, so that flower buds are initiated successfully for blooms next spring. Use recycled or stored rainwater wherever possible.

Lift Dahlia tubers, Begonia tubers and Gladioli corms to store dry over the winter months. Remove any dead foliage before storing them.

Plant Winter Hanging Baskets

Use pansies, heathers, primroses, dwarf conifers, dwarf wallflowers and spring flowering bulbs for a colourful display.

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Plant hardy summer-flowering bulbs, such as lilies, alliums and crocosmia.

Wildlife and ponds

Top up bird feeders and put out food on the ground and bird tables. Continue to place nets over small ponds to prevent autumn leaves falling in. Remove tender water plants and any dying foliage from your pond.

Continue to harvest apples and pears. Store in open sided crates so that the fruits are not touching and put in a cool, dark and well-ventilated place. See our scrummy recipe for an apple, blackberry and pear tray bake here.

Harvest Pumpkins

Time to harvest those pumpkins that were planted in April, May and June. Big or small, they make fun Halloween decorations and can be added to sweet and savoury dishes. For those who would rather eat their harvest, rather than display it, we have a delicious hubble bubble pumpkin pot recipe you can find here.

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