October gardening tips

October gardening tips

October gardening tips

Flowers: jobs for this month

Continue to divide and plant herbaceous perennials.

This is the time of year to plant bare root ornamental trees and shrubs.  Also trees and shrubs can be moved and hedges planted.

Prune climbing and rambling roses if they have finished flowering to prevent wind damage.

Take hardwood cuttings from deciduous shrubs.

Tidy borders and mulch with bark or well-rotted manure to protect plant roots for the winter, this also helps to prevent weed growth.

Fruit & veg: jobs for this month

Plant out spring cabbage and protect the plant with nets against birds.

Plant autumn onion sets so that they will crop next summer.

Apply grease bands to apple and pear trees to prevent wingless winter moth females laying eggs, their caterpillars shred spring flowers.

October gardening tips by Breeze House

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