New lucky kit for Milton United Junior Hurricanes!

New lucky kit for Milton United Junior Hurricanes!

(Top row L-R: Archie Yates 9, Cai Price 10, Jack Deane 9, Hayden Yeomans 9, Charlie Grange 9, Benjamin Sayer 9. Bottom row L-R: Billy Hawkins 9, James Hackney 9, Josh Cox 9, Finn Richardson 9 & Jared Shipstone 9)

We recently had the pleasure of sponsoring local football team Milton United Junior Hurricanes who have won their last six games since putting their new football kit on which proudly shows off our Breeze House logo.

We enjoy encouraging local school pupils to enjoy the outdoors and we saw this as an excellent opportunity to support local children.

Since we sponsored the Milton United Junior Hurricanes with their new kit they have hit a streak of six wins against local football teams.

They kicked off their first game against Stoke Town where they worked as a team to win 5 – 0 in their first game, followed by a second game where the Milton Hurricanes scored even more goals achieving a final score of 7 – 1 with another win under their belt.

In their third game, they battled against the Leek Town Avengers, the Milton Hurricanes maintained their winning streak by scoring a fantastic 3 – 0. In their fourth game they pushed harder and powered through to the end to win 4 – 1, resulting in a second win against the Leek Town Avengers and their fourth win in their new kit.

The Milton Hurricanes next game commenced against Mossfield which they defeated with a spectacular 3 – 0 score, followed by their final game against the same team which finished with a 1 – 0 score resulting in their sixth win in their new lucky kit!

The Milton Hurricanes have been training together for a little over a year and work well together to achieve such fantastic results on the pitch.

In addition to supporting children in getting active outdoors, we also support schools to encourage learning outdoors through our Schools Programme which provides half price Breeze Houses to schools.

We believe by offering this discount exclusively to schools it gives them the opportunity to provide their pupils with a safe, well-sheltered and attractive building for their pupils to use as an outdoor classroom and play area.

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