Luxury accessories by Breeze House

Luxury accessories by Breeze House

Luxury accessories by Breeze House


In today’s hectic world, there’s nothing nicer than sitting back and enjoying the finer things in life. And when it comes to creating the perfect garden retreat to do just that, nothing makes it easier than a beautiful Breeze House.

When you choose a Breeze House with us, you not only get over 20 years of experience from our team, high quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, a bespoke design service and excellent customer service, you also get the chance to choose from a stunning range of luxury accessories.

It’s all about maximising the potential of your Breeze House so you can use it all year round, as much as you like, without compromising on quality. After all, outdoor living is all about enjoying your beautiful garden in comfort and style, and you can do just that with our range of luxury accessories.

Our range of accessories includes chairs, stools, benches, tables, cushions, cabinets and canvas side panels, all of which come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your Breeze House. All of our accessories are manufactured at our Leek, Staffordshire workshop and we offer durable and waterproof fabrics in over 20 colour options, allowing full customisation of your Breeze House.

Or take a look at our range of canvas side panels, which are extremely durable and enable you to use your Breeze House all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Our panels can be customised with a variety of window options, including full window panels which give you 360-degree views of the surrounding views and vistas. And we now offer timber and glazed infills, a more substantial alternative to canvas panels, creating an enclosed atmosphere in your building.

Personalise your Breeze House experience and enjoy our range of luxurious extras to maximise your experience. Just ask our team about the choices available today!

Breeze House Luxury Accessories - Cabinets
Breeze House Luxury Accessories - Scatter Cushions