Lazy Susan : The perfect host’s best friend

Lazy Susan : The perfect host’s best friend

The perfect host knows that keeping guests well fed and watered is the done thing, especially at Christmas. However, there’s no fun in preparing a special meal then being the last to sit down to a plate of cold food because you’ve been waiting on everyone else. A Lazy Susan is the answer when the pressure of entertaining gets too much.

It’s essentially a turntable allowing you to share dishes among your guests with ease. This nifty little invention dates back to eighteenth century England. Who Susan was, the reason for her laziness and who invented this gadget remains a mystery…but the idea behind it has certainly stood the test of time.

Lazy Susan History Explained

The Lazy Susan is also known as a “Whirling Domestic” or “Revolving Server”. An article published in Vanity Fair in the US in December 1917 describes the rotating tray as, “the cleverest waitress in the world”.

Advertised at only $8.50, it was a bargain price for a good servant. So a Lazy Susan came in handy when servants were in short supply.

The Dumb Waiter

The Lazy Susan also came into her own because she was better at keeping secrets than her human equivalent.

In the early part of the eighteenth century the upper classes loved to hold lavish banquets. Goblet boys and waiters circulated around the room serving wine. The trouble was they would eavesdrop on conversations and use the secrets they gleaned to blackmail guests.

A Dining Table Mainstay

By the 19thcentury dumb-waiters were commonplace in the homes of the upper echelons allowing conversation and refreshments to flow freely!

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