It’s the big 21!

It’s the big 2 1!


Ahhh, do you remember turning 21? What an exciting time in anyone’s life! The whole world at your feet and your life spanning ahead of you?

Well at Breeze House we are getting to have that wonderful feeling all over again as we turn 21 this year!

Well, the company turns 21 at least…

We began trading in 1997 as Breeze House launches The Colonial garden building by proudly displaying at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. It was an exciting and successful start to the business and Breeze House blossomed in the years that followed.

In our twenty one years, we are proud to have continually developed and grown our range of exclusive Breeze Houses and met some very happy customers along the way.

Our big birthday is this summer, so you can expect to see many celebrations! But if you have any stories or photographs of your Breeze House throughout our twenty one years, make sure you get in touch!

And we can all feel 21 (again)!

Breeze House are 21!