How To Make Your Garden More Private

How To Make Your Garden More Private

In today’s crowded world, privacy is precious, especially if your garden is overlooked…

Today’s gardens and back yards are smaller on average than they have ever been.

Sometimes building high walls or planting a tall tree or high hedge are not always the best option. They can be ugly, block light or simply not permitted under local regulations or by-laws.

Hide From Nosey Neighbours and Bring Privacy to Your Garden

Where in your garden you would you like to be secluded

Walk around your garden and evaluate the space. Picture what you might like to do read, paint or spend time with family. Where would you like your seating to be? Now look around. Who can overlook you when you’re in that spot?

Screening for privacy doesn’t need to be ugly or overbearing. You can even make your garden look more attractive. A garden gazebo can be highly decorative and provide shelter as well as give you year-round privacy.

How To Make Your Garden More Private. Blog by Breeze House

A Breeze House Can Help You Enjoy Spending Time In Your Garden Again

In the UK a garden structure or building cannot be higher than 2.5 metres (8ft 2”) if it is within 2 metres of your boundary. If it is further than 2 metres from your boundary wall it can be up to 4 metres (13ft) high.

If you live in a Listed Building, a conservation area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the rules may be different so check with your local authority.

The Oasis, Mara, Savannah and Oval Savannah Breeze Houses are all under 2.5 metres in height. The other buildings in the collection varying in height up to 3.8 metres.

Think about where to place your Breeze House to maximise your privacy. Make a feature of it by using it to block a sightline or disguise an eyesore.

How To Make Your Garden More Private. Blog by Breeze House

Create a Secret Garden With a Breeze House

You can create a delightfully private ‘secret garden’ space in even the smallest garden.

A Breeze House gives you a weatherproof place where you can enjoy your garden. When under its roof, even with the sides open to the sights and sounds of your garden, you can enjoy privacy. This garden structure interrupts the sight line so it’s unlikely that people will be able to see you even from high windows.

Consider using a Breeze House to divide your garden. Perhaps you can even create a ‘secret garden’ space by placing a Breeze House three quarters of the way down a narrow garden and create a secret space behind. For a magical first impression, create a tunnel arch covered in climbing perennial plants through which you access this private haven.

How To Make Your Garden More Private. Blog by Breeze House

A Breeze House can also be a wonderful option if you want a secluded covered deck space to exercise, meditate or practise yoga – lawn turf can be somewhat uneven.

For added privacy add height to your boundary and have a 2m wide path with planting next to the fence or wall. Then have a garden gazebo with a 4m high roof slope rising into your garden.

Keeping out of the gaze of prying eyes is important but extraneous noise can be just as intrusive. A water feature is a great privacy solution. A burbling fountain can be used to block out sounds from neighbouring properties like lawn movers and mobile phone chatter.

How To Make Your Garden More Private. Blog by Breeze House

Our showsite teams are experts on how to make the most of your garden, so get in touch to discuss which Breeze House will be perfect for the space you have in your garden, and to keep pesky eyes from prying!