How To Get That Holiday Feeling At Home

How To Get That Holiday Feeling At Home

Here, Hayley Baddiley from Denby Pottery shares her top tips on how to create a relaxed holiday feeling at home this summer.

Although lockdown restrictions have started to ease and some travel is now possible, it’s understandable if you’re planning to spend this summer at home… but this doesn’t mean you have to forego the holiday feeling this year!

There are lots of ways you can make it feel as if you’re holidaying at home and this is also a great time to make the most of your own space. Here, I’m going to take you through some of my top tips to help with this.

Create an Outdoor Dining Area

I’m sure you’ll agree that being able to enjoy your meals outdoors is one of the best parts of being on holiday. There’s nothing like enjoying a beautifully cooked meal and a nice glass of wine in the sunshine. Fortunately, this is something that’s quite easy to replicate at home — just keep an eye on the weather forecast and make plans as soon as you see that it’s set to be sunny.

You’ll also need to create a space where you can dine al fresco. If you’ve neglected your garden throughout winter and spring, now is a great time to give it a makeover. It’s amazing how much of a difference you can make by pulling out any weeds and cleaning your patio or decking. Next, you can put together a welcoming seating area. If there’s only a couple of people in your household, one of the smaller Breeze Houses would suit – the Oasis or Mara perhaps – and will help to give the impression that you have your own private beach escape. Alternatively, if you have a larger family, or are planning a socially-distanced gathering, a larger building from Breeze House Oval leisure range – the Oval Safari or Oval Cape – might be more suitable, with plenty of space to entertain well into the warm evenings.

Don’t forget to add some outdoor lighting, too! You’ll want to be able to enjoy your new outdoor seating area once the sun has set, so hang some fairy or festoon lights, and use lanterns to light any garden paths that you have. You’ll soon feel like you’ve made it abroad!

How To Get That Holiday Feeling at Home - Blog by Breeze House x Denby Pottery

Treat Yourself to a Fine Dining Experience

Now that we’ve all been at home and cooking for ourselves over the past few months, it’s only natural to have fallen into a bit of a routine. Perhaps you have a handful of recipes you’ve been relying on and you now want to mix it up and find some new inspiration. So, when you’re trying to make it feel like you’re on holiday, it’s well worth putting some extra effort into making your mealtimes feel more special.

A great place to start with this is by arranging the table to create a setting worthy of a quality restaurant. Bring out your favourite tablecloth, place mats, cutlery, and ceramics. You might also want to set the mood with tealights and music. If you have a particular destination in mind that you would like to visit, you could even take some inspiration from this. For example, in France, you’ll typically find simple but chic table settings while, in South America, the arrangements are bolder and brighter with floral arrangements and paper garlands. Have fun with it!

If you think your tableware collection could do with a refresh, this is the perfect opportunity to add some beautiful new plates, bowls, drinkware, and serveware to your kitchen. I would recommend looking for stunning ceramics that are also versatile and durable so that they can be used every day, whatever the occasion. For instance, at Denby, we have ranges available in Shades of Blue, such as our Azure and Blue Haze designs which will help to create a natural, seaside aesthetic, but won’t look out of place come autumn. For a neutral look that you’d find in a fine dining restaurant in a European capital, then choose some simple and elegant pieces from our White by Denby collection, which is also suited to year-round use.

How To Get That Holiday Feeling at Home - Blog by Breeze House x Denby Pottery

Design a Menu Inspired by Your Favourite Holiday Desination

Cooking some dishes inspired by your favourite holiday destination is another great way to inject that vacation feeling into your time at home. There are lots of inspiring cuisines from across the globe that you might have tried and loved, or that you might be curious about trying. And there’s never been a better time to get creative in the kitchen!

If you were hoping to fly to Italy this year, you could try a new pasta dish, or even have a make-your-own pizza night. Paella is a simple but very flavourful Spanish dish, or you could try to make your own tapas if everyone in your household has different tastes. There are even some fantastic Greek dishes you could try your hand at making, such as moussaka. For more inspiration, I’d recommend checking out Jamie Oliver’s world food recipes. There are so many great dishes to choose from.

How To Get That Holiday Feeling at Home - Blog by Breeze House x Denby Pottery

There are still plenty of things you can do to get that holiday feeling while spending the summer at home. Take these tips on board, and you’ll almost feel like you’ve been transported to your dream destination.

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