How do you enjoy your Breeze House?

How do you enjoy your Breeze House?

We always appreciate hearing how our customers are enjoying their Breeze Houses and we recently received a range of lovely photographs taken by Mr & Mrs James from Lincolnshire, who purchased an Oval Leisure Breeze House last year.

Mr James said: “I would like to thank you for one of the best acquisitions we have made to our property. The Breeze House you supplied not only looks great, but has provided us with many hours of pleasure even during the winter months.”

Their Oval Leisure Breeze House features a lounge, dining and kitchen area with an extended platform at the base to create a veranda that looks out on to the River Glen, located at the edge of their garden.

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Mr James talked about the durability of the Breeze House: “We are very exposed and many trees and fences around us suffered. Your building, however, didn’t suffer at all.”

We also offer additional items such as canvas panels to provide you with flexible use of your Breeze House, regardless of weather, and a range of furnishing options such as cushions, dining sets and seating in a range of colours to accommodate all tastes.

Mr James continued: “We added a BBQ which doubles as an open fireplace which enabled us to use it even on the coldest of days. Boxing day lunch was cooked and eaten in there.”

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