Garden harvesting

Garden harvesting


Remember all that time you spent at the start of the year preparing your garden and sowing all of those seeds? Well, it’s all about to pay off, as you get to enjoy your hard work harvesting your vegetables! At Breeze House, there’s nothing we like more than harvesting, cooking and then sitting back in a Breeze House and delving into our home-grown goodies.

Over the next few weeks, check runner beans every day, and keep picking them before the beans begin to bulge or they will be tough and stringy. Pick them regularly to encourage the plants to continue flowering and therefore producing more and more beans, any left on the plant that go to seed can stop more flowers forming.

Early and main crop potatoes as well onions can be lifted, as and when you need them. Keep harvesting carrots, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, radish, pepper and self blanching celery too. Pep up your salads with fresh herbs such as basil, sorrel and tarragon.

It may seem like the hard work just keeps coming with your vegetables, but it is all worth it when you taste the delicious produce you have grown for yourself.

And, during those final, long summer evenings, you can relax in your Breeze House with a glass of wine and a delicious meal, with the knowledge that it was all grown in your own back garden making it taste even better.

Garden harvesting with Breeze House: A pile of fresh green beans on table. Green runner beans. Top view
Garden harvesting with Breeze House: Macro shot of some Carrots in the dirt