Enhance your Breeze House

Enhance your Breeze House


When you take a peak around our website, or you explore the luxurious Breeze House garden buildings for yourself at our showsite, you know you are guaranteed quality, style and amazing craftsmanship every time. We are proud of our Breeze House collection and the amazing range of buildings on offer, no matter what you wish to use it for or how much space you have available. However, how can you personalise your Breeze House to be beautifully tailored to you, your style and your needs?

Furniture and furnishings

Whatever you want to use your Breeze House for, we imagine a big reason for your purchase is that you want a space to relax. And for that reason, we have crafted a gorgeous collection of furniture and furnishings, that are not only durable, strong and suitable for all weathers, but comfortable and stylish too. Who said practicality and style were mutually exclusive? With our range of armchairs, benches, stools and tables, you can create an environment that’s relaxing and enjoyable to spend time in. And all of our furnishings can be make even more personalised, with a range of colours and fabrics to choose from. Our fabrics are waterproof which makes them durable, and our cushions have a high-density foam filling which makes them comfortable.

Canvas panels, infill sections and heaters

We want you to be able to enjoy your Breeze House all year round. That means that whatever the Great British weather decides to do in the height of summer or the depths of winter, you can make the most of your luxury garden building. Our range of canvas panels mean that you are protected from any rain or wind and can snuggle up in your Breeze House long into the evening. And with our clear panel options you can still enjoy the view of your garden. Alternatively, a recent addition to our optional extras range is our timber infill section. Doing the same job as a canvas panel, but a more permanent, structural option, infill sections are available as solid timer, half glazed or fully glazed, all creating a more enclosed environment in your Breeze House. And to make it even more cosy and toasty in there, check out our infra-red heater options. The weather is no longer a valid excuse to not get out there and enjoy your garden!


Providing useful and beautiful storage is another solution we are extremely proud of. Available in, and designed specifically for our Oval building range, the cabinet collection offer fantastic storage solutions. Whether you want to house those board games you love to play on long summer evenings, our the throws and blankets you want to grab quickly when the weather turns colder, they are practical and perfectly designed. Why not take it even further and choose the wine cooler option? Nothing feels better than knowing you’ve got the wine chilling and the Breeze House ready to welcome you after a stressful day.

So, what will it be? It’s time to tailor your Breeze House experience to suit you perfectly.