Colour Me Autumn

Colour Me Autumn


Autumn, in all her fleeting glory, brings an explosion of rich, warm colours from fiery reds to burnt oranges and mellow yellows. Colour psychologists believe colours have the power to change the way we feel and behave.

Studies revealed athletes wearing red outperform those in blue. Maybe because red has been proven to make our hearts beat faster and blue calms us down? Apparently, yellow is the hue that makes babies cry more and (perhaps less surprising) our impulse buys are largely motivated by a product’s colour.


Our response to colour is obviously a very personal one but we thought it might be fun to delve into the psychology of the colours of the season:

  • Red –  for ENERGY
    Symbolising danger, strength, power and passion.
    Stimulates quick decision making, increases respiration rate, raises blood pressure and enhances metabolism.
  • Yellow –  for OPTIMISM
    Associated with joy, intellect, happiness and food.
    Attracts attention.
  • Orange – for FRUITFULNESS
    Associated with abundance, creativity, determination, attraction and encouragement.
    Stimulates appetite and mental activity.
  • Brown – for POISE
    Associated with earthiness, reliability and warmth
    Feels quietly supportive.
  • Green –  for BALANCE
    Symbolises growth, relaxation, harmony and freshness.
    Use to promote tranquillity.
    Stimulates harmony in the brain.

For a seasonal pick me up immerse yourself in nature. Draw from autumn’s palette to accessorise your home or garden.

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