The cold weather is no excuse!

Cold weather is no excuse!


Whether you were lapping up the luscious warm weather this summer blessed us with, or you were longing for the Autumn to arrive, it’s safe to say that the chilly weather of late has blown in with gusto! Autumn is well and truly here; and it’s here to stay. Before you wave a solemn goodbye to your beautiful garden and plonk yourself on the sofa until spring, Breeze House are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! The colder weather is the perfect excuse to wrap up and get out there to enjoy the great outdoors.

When living in the UK it’s so easy to get bogged down with the dark weather that we seemingly endure for much of the year. It can seem to hinder our fun and leave us seriously lacking in that feelgood factor that lazy afternoons in the warm sunshine give us. However, even when the sky is grey and the temperature drops, fresh air does us wonders.

It’s time! We at Breeze House order you to don those boots, hats and scarves and brave the elements!

It is time to fill your lungs with fresh air, stretch out those legs, and boost your endorphins by spending some quality time surrounded by nature. Whether it’s a crisp, chilly morning or a blustery day, enjoy the prospect of getting out into the unknown on a little adventure; something you’ll be exhilarated by, instead of staying stuck indoors all weekend.

When you do eventually arrive home of course, your Breeze Houses will be there – perfectly designed with the weather in mind. When crafting our buildings, we considered all seasons and how they could be best utilised in all conditions – we didn’t design novelty garden pieces to only enjoy during the warm summer months. We have created them to be a bold statement that is both beautiful and practical. We purposely made our Breeze Houses to be truly customisable, meaning you can enjoy them whatever the weather. We have options of canvas panels, heaters and more, allowing you to tailor your experience to suit your needs.

What better time to get creative with your dinner parties and go al fresco this autumn? Don’t allow the drop in mercury keep you behind closed doors again this year. Get the party started all year round with a Breeze House designed to keep you comfortable.