Celebrating Garden Day 2020

Celebrating Garden Day 2020

Sunday 10th May marks Garden Day, a national celebration for our gardens and green spaces and for acknowledging the positive impact they have on our lives.

In these times of uncertainty and change, people at home are cherishing their gardens and plant spaces more than ever before. Millions are finding refuge and contentment from tending to their houseplants, balcony gardens, vegetable plots and flower borders during lockdown.

We have all personally felt the effects of a sunny few hours spent in the back garden, basking in the sunlight and enjoying the delicate perfume of open blooms in the air.

Recently, Candide conducted a study to explore The Happiness Effect of Gardens, which showed that 96% of people said they felt happier when spending downtime in their gardens, with the most popular way of spending downtime in their gardens being to sit quietly in a favourite spot and admire their beautiful plants.

A community benefit movement, Garden Day celebrates the benefits of gardens for health and mental wellbeing by encouraging garden get-togethers, although this year that looks a little different!

Due to the lockdown restrictions we’re all faced with, the party is moving online and calling for plant-lovers and garden dwellers to join together for the biggest ever virtual garden celebration!

It’s time to down tools and enjoy our gardens and plant spaces virtually with friends and family.

You can get involved with the Garden Day celebrations by downloading their toolkit for joining in the fun at home, as well as watching the live stream on the day. There will be demonstrations, a quiz and conversations with some of the biggest names in the gardening and floristry worlds, including; Michael Perry aka the Plant Geek, Chris Beardshaw and Arit Anderson. The toolkit includes all details and more information.

Let’s take this year’s Garden Day to truly appreciate how lucky we are to enjoy our green spaces, however small.

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