Breeze House Cabinets exclusiveto our oval leisure range.

We are excited to introduce a new collection of cabinets specifically for our Oval Leisure buildings, handmade by our skilled Breeze House craftsmen using high quality, sustainable materials.

Our various cabinets are not only a great way of adding a storage solution to your Oval building, but can also be designed to house a wine cooler. We can also provide bespoke entertainment cabinets suited to your lifestyle and individual requirements.

2-door Wine Rack Cabinet

An ideal storage solution for our smaller Oval Buildings, complete with wine rack.

800mm(H) 1500mm(W) 330mm(D)

4-door Cabinet

A traditional cabinet and the perfect storage option for your Breeze House. Plenty of space for all of your Breeze House essentials.

800mm(H) 2000mm(W) 320mm(D)

4-door Wine Rack Cabinet

Just like our standard cabinet, but with the added extra of a wine rack to store 12 of your favourite bottles.

800mm(H) 2000mm(W) 320mm(D)

Wine Cooler Cabinet

Perfect for all of your favourite bottles.

910mm(H) 2000mm(W) 320/590mm(D)

Offset Breakfront Wine Cooler Cabinet

Perfect for all of your favourite bottles with extra storage for a sound bar.

910mm(H) 2000mm(W) 320/590mm(D)