Breeze House stands the wrath of storm Katie in the south of England

Breeze House stands the wrath of storm Katie in the south of England

We always like to hear from our customers about how they are enjoying their Breeze Houses and we recently heard some lovely feedback that we are delighted to share!

We recently received a lovely photograph from Mr and Mrs Taylor who live on the edge of the south coast in Chichester, which shows off their stunning Mara Breeze House.

They contacted us after the recent storm Katie which hit the UK a few weeks ago, where across the country there were high wind speeds and heavy rain with many trees falling down and walls collapsing throughout England.

As Mr and Mrs Taylor live in the south of England they experienced particularly bad weather with wind speeds of up to 92mph along with heavy rain.

They were delighted to inform us that their Breeze House stood the wrath of the storm and continues to provide a relaxing escape in their picturesque garden which looks out on to a stunning beach.

At Breeze House we pride ourselves on the durability and strength of our garden buildings and this story is no exception, for our structures we only use the finest quality Scandinavian redwood which is renowned for strength and durability.

Chris Peck, Production Director said: “It’s always great to hear how impressed our customers are with the quality of our Breeze Houses. We only use the finest materials and traditional carpentry techniques to ensure our Breeze Houses stand the test of time.

“We look forward to hearing many more happy stories from our customers over the coming years.”

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