August gardening tips

August gardening tips

August gardening tips

Flowers: jobs for this month

Deadhead bedding and perennial plants to encourage further flowering.

Prune summer flowering shrubs when they have finished blooming.

Plant autumn flowering bulbs.

Keep Camellias and Rhododendrons well watered.  This will ensure good flower bud formation for next springs display.

Prune Hebes and Lavender when they have finished flowering.

Pruning can also be done in early spring, the old flowers will protect the plant against wet and cold especially in colder parts of the country.


Fruit & veg: jobs for this month

Harvest second early potatoes, great for salads.

Start to harvest main crop potatoes. Store in hessian sacks, to exclude the light and allow adequate ventilation.

Lift and dry onions, shallots and garlic and store in onion bags to prevent mould.

Harvest courgettes before they get too big.

Cut back herbs to encourage new leaves, which can then be harvested before the frost.

October gardening tips

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