Attracting wildlife into your garden

Attracting wildlife into your garden

Attracting wildlife into your garden


One of the fantastic wonders of spending time in a luxury garden building, such as your Breeze House, is the relaxing view of a gorgeous garden. There seems to always be something new to study, something fresh to gaze upon and something interesting springing up every season. Even as we enter the cooler months of the year, there is a fresh feel to the outdoors. In fact, it’s often autumn and winter that give us some of the most glorious garden scenes, with rusty hews, crisp mornings and cool, starlit evenings. And, of course, the wildlife seems to really come into its own at this time of year, as birds, bugs and more venture further out of their cosy homes to seek food, shelter and mates to see them through the winter.

But, how can you help provide a healthy, abundant environment for wildlife over the next few months, also ensuring you have a wonderful array of creatures to keep your Breeze House view interesting?

Water: It may seem obvious, but having a few water spots in your garden is one of the most important aspects of attracting wildlife. Whether it’s been raining or not, if you have bird baths, ponds, water features and small water offerings, it will really help birds to thrive. If they know your garden offers food AND water, they’ll have everything they need to nourish and thrive.

Tree and shrub mixtures: Having a variety of trees and shrubs in your garden will ensure all types of wildlife have a great choice of food and shelter. The larger the tree, the more wildlife it can support, but having a great mixture, including smaller trees and shrubs that provide blossom and berries, is really helpful too.

Bug-friendly spots: Whether you go all out to create a superb ‘bug hotel’ or you just leave a small pile of dead wood in a shady spot, you can help support those smaller creatures, bugs and beetles. Tuck them out of site if you don’t find the feature particularly attractive. And, if you’re not a great fan of the creepy crawlies, don’t forget that the more bugs you have in the garden, the more variety of birds you’ll attract!

Embrace the wilderness: This might not be too easy if you love a perfectly pristine garden! But, if you can leave some areas untamed, it will really attract a great variety of wildlife. And there are lots of ways to achieve this: leave a patch of lawn unmown, create a wildflower meadow or scatter piles of twigs and old broken pots… you name it, it can provide great shelter for wildlife.

So, don’t feel blue that we are beginning to say goodbye to summer! Now is the time to get busy in the garden once again, taking care of all creatures great and small. And all of your efforts will provide some wonderful viewing as you snuggle up in your Breeze House this autumn time!