A good garden workout

A good garden workout


Did you know that your garden really can be an excellent place to improve your physical and mental wellbeing? And we don’t just mean when you’re relaxing in your Breeze House. Of course a bit of ‘me time’ spent relaxing is always good for your mental wellbeing after a tough week at the office, but if you spend a little bit of time each week pottering around your garden to make the backdrop to your Breeze House just perfect, it could have even more fantastic results for your physical wellbeing too!

A bit of weeding here and some sowing of seeds there might not seem like the most arduous of workout, yet a study performed in 2006 by Pennsylvania’s University of Scranton suggests something quite the contrary. Light gardening and other softer exercise can often lead you to burn more calories than a hardcore gym session! Even though it can feel like easier work, this lighter effort can often last twice or three times longer than a workout in the gym, ending up in a larger number of calories burned. This cumulative effect of burning such calories at a modest rate really does build up too!

And who loves pounding away in a dull gym on a treadmill every week? Expose yourself to the sights, sounds and fun, engaging work of gardening to allow yourself to forget how hard your body is working. Beautiful surroundings are known to reduce feelings of pain, anxiety and stress too (it’s even been known to reduce the need for anesthesia and shorten recovery in hospital too), so you’re sure to find this workout so much more enjoyable than sweating in the gym!

Of course exercise is well known to help lower blood pressure, improve mood and self-esteem but exercising with a view of the natural world has a synergistic effect, meaning an even more positive result on mental wellbeing, as opposed to exercising alone.

However, one of the most surprising findings in recent research into the effects of gardening for our physical and mental wellbeing must be about getting our hands dirty! The bacteria commonly found living in soil can have a positive effect on our mood. Researchers at the University of Bristol exposed mice to Mycobacterium-Vaccae, which then performed better in tests designed to assess antidepressant drugs – and they were also found to have higher levels of the brain’s “happy chemical”, Serotonin. Of course, this is yet to be confirmed in human tests, but it’s a positive start and shows just how good for you those green fingers might well be!

So when you’re pondering over the real usefulness of that gym membership, or you find yourself worrying that you’ve spent too much time enjoying your garden and less time cycling out those summer BBQ indulgences at the gym, don’t sweat it! The more time you’ve spent pottering about your garden, the more likely you are to have earned that extra glass of wine and nibbles whilst kicking back in your Breeze House! It’s win-win: a beautiful garden to enjoy when you relax, and the knowledge that all your hard work creating it has given you a great workout.

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