9 Winter Plants To Add Joy To Your Garden

9 Winter Plants To Add Joy To Your Garden

9 Winter Plants To Add Joy To Your Garden

By sprucing up your garden with one or more of these winter plants, you can bring a little bit of ‘joie de vivre’ back into your yard.

It’s that time of year where you look out of the window and the dreary weather seems to dominate. This pretty selection of our favourite winter plants designed to flourish in the colder months will keep you feeling full of the joys of spring.

Iris foetidissima is evergreen, has purple flowers and is perfect for a shady area. In autumn its large seedpods split open to reveal rows of orange-red seeds that remain well into winter months.

Winter-flowering heather is a must in the garden. Shades of pink, white and red add vibrant colour to borders and pots.

Winter Aconites have golden yellow flowers and thrive underneath deciduous trees and shrubs. Plant en-masse in an area that gets the morning sun for an uplifting display of colour.

Viburnum tinus is an evergreen shrub with pink flower buds that open to produce white fragrant flowers from December to April followed by small dark blue-black fruits.

Helleborus Niger is commonly known as Christmas rose, evergreen with pure white star shaped long-lasting flowers from December to early spring. Hellebores are hardy, versatile and will grow in positions from full sun to shade.


Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ (Dogwood) will add vivid colour in your garden from October to the following May. The green foliage changes to reveal a range of oranges yellows and reds in the autumn.  In winter the stems change to spectacular bright red-tipped, orange-yellow colours that intensify as the winter progresses.

Winter jasmine (jasminum nudiflorum) is a great climbing plant which when supported against a wall or fence or alternatively the branches can be twined through other climbing plants will produce yellow star-shaped flowers even in snow and freezing weather.

Skimmia Japonica ‘Rubella’ is a compact evergreen shrub with glossy leaves that produce red buds in winter opening to panicles of fragrant creamy flowers in spring. Great for planting in a pot or the garden border.

Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaiety is an evergreen shrub, which has deep green, leaves edged silvery white and has silvery white stripes down the middle of each leaf. During autumn and as winter approaches, the foliage has an attractive pink tinge.  Very easy to grow, try planting Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaiety in ornamental pots or at the front of the garden border.

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