5 Tips on How to Create a Winter Garden Wonderland

5 Tips on How to Create a Winter Garden Wonderland

5 Tips on How to Create a Winter Garden Wonderland

Traditionally we spend less time outdoors as the winter solstice approaches, but our gardens don’t need to be an empty, desolate disappointment as winter sets in.

A Breeze House is for life not just for summer, so here’s our top tips to create a twinkly winter wonderland to admire from the comfort of your year-round garden retreat.

Pick interesting colours and textures

Planting east to west will catch the best of the morning and late afternoon sun and highlight fiery stems and beautiful bark of plants like Cornus alba sibirica and Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’.

Introduce fragrance

Winter flowers are often the most sweet-smelling. By positioning plants like Sarcococca hookerianaand Daphne odorabypaths you’ll introduce a waft of uplifting scent as you brush past.

Add structural interest

Topiary shrubs of yew, box and Ligustrum give structural backbone and only look more magical with a dusting of snow.

Provide Sanctuary

This time of year is typically very hard on our wildlife, so make sure to provide some food and shelter for our winged friends. Flowers and winter berries provide their food, just make sure to keep your birdbath clean and fresh!

Create a focus

Complete the scene with a stunning garden gazebo lovingly hand-crafted by Breeze House from which to admire the backdrop you have created and watch the seasons change for years to come.

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