4 Easy Tips to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

4 Easy Tips to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

4 Easy Tips to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

Friday June 5th marks World Environment Day 2020, so we wanted to share our top four tips for attracting wildlife into your garden, making it a safe haven for bugs, birds and small mammals alike.

This period of lockdown and spending all of our spare time at home has really taught us how to value the little things. Having a Breeze House of any size allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden whilst listening to the tweeting and rustling surrounding you and sitting in luxurious comfort.

As we’ve moved through the sunniest spring since records began, towards a socially distanced summer we’ve all been spending a lot of time in our garden oases. You may have noticed the creatures you share your garden spaces with and wondered how to help them thrive there.

To help your garden transition from season to season, it’s favourable to encourage wildlife to make a home in your garden, as well as to provide you with entertainment as you relax al fresco!

So, how can you ensure your garden is an abundant environment for all types for wildlife? And what must you do to do to keep the view from your Breeze House ever-changing?


It may seem obvious, but having a few water spots in your garden is one of the most important aspects of attracting wildlife. Whether it’s been raining or not, if you have bird baths, ponds, water features and small water offerings, it will really help birds to thrive. If they know your garden offers food and water, they’ll have everything they need to nourish and thrive.

4 Easy Tips to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden - Blog by Breeze House

Trees & Shrubs

Having a variety of trees and shrubs in your garden will ensure all types of wildlife have a great choice of food and shelter. The larger the tree, the more wildlife it can support, but having a great mixture, including smaller trees and shrubs that provide blossom and berries, is really helpful too.

Bug-Friendly Spots

Whether you go all out to create a superb ‘bug hotel’ or you just leave a small pile of dead wood in a shady spot, you can help support those smaller creatures, bugs, beetles and hedgehogs. Tuck this out of site if you don’t find the feature particularly attractive. If you’re not a great fan of the creepy crawlies, don’t forget that the more bugs you have in the garden, the more variety of birds you’ll attract!

Embrace the Wild

This might not be too easy if you love a perfectly pristine garden! But, if you can leave some areas untamed, it will attract a great variety of wildlife. There are lots of ways to achieve this; leave a patch of lawn unmown, create a wildflower meadow or scatter piles of twigs and old broken pots… you name it, it can provide great shelter for wildlife.

Now is the perfect time to take action and create a haven for those little creatures that would love to call your back garden home!

4 Easy Tips to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden - Blog by Breeze House

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