Oval Cape

Oval Cape Leisure Building

Standard features

The Oval Cape is a gorgeous structure that really is versatile; this generous building can incorporate comfortable circular sofa benches, a dining table and chairs, a sound system, television, hot tub, swim spa or even a kitchen. The number of people that the Cape can accommodate is dependent on the layout, but rest assured, whether you have 50 guests to a garden party or just a family gathering, you can entertain and relax in ultimate comfort and luxury.

This fabulous open structure allows plenty of light and scenery to be absorbed in the summer, while protective canvas covers are available to utilise in adverse weather, creating a safe and comfortable cocoon in your outdoor area which can be enjoyed all year round – even in winter.

Building only: £22,485

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Height specification

Overall height380cm (12'5")
Outside post diameter637 x 420cm (20'8" x 13'9")
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Options Available

  • Roof upgrades 
  • Canvas panel covers 
  • Infill sections
  • Infra-red heaters 
  • Rattan style dining set
  • Curved lounge seating set and cushions
  • Circular coffee table/footstool
  • Raised building